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Sculpture Mile Along the CT Shoreline 

Sculpture Shore is a walkable collection of contemporary art and outdoor sculptures placed around public spaces in Clinton, Madison, Guilford, New London, and Stonington communities. This was the Brainchild of William Bendig, the founder, and editor of the influential The Art Gallery magazine. His goal was to bring world-class art to everyday people. He created the Hollycroft Foundation to facilitate this dream.

The Hollycroft Foundation was started in 1992. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing museum-level sculpture to the public free of charge. Volunteers now run the foundation with president Brian Wendler at its helm.

Sculpture Shore has attracted many artists from around New England who get to showcase their often large, site-specific, outdoor Artworks along 50 miles of Connecticut’s lovely shoreline towns. We hope that you will take the time to view, experience, and enjoy these incredible works of art.

Old Brick Garden Sculpture Tour

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Unveiling Twists, Waves, and the Hollycroft Foundation’s Sculpture Shore

The Clinton Arts Council is delighted to bring attention to the captivating works of Eileen O’Donnell, a talented stone sculptor…

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Discovering Stone Sculpture: The Journey of Eileen O’Donnell

Eileen O’Donnell’s passion for sculpture and her fascination with rocks led her on a remarkable journey of discovery. As an…

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Seal of Approval

By: Eileen O’Donnell, Sand Stone Location: Annex Building, 48 East Main St. Eileen O’Donnell has been enjoying art for many…

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By: Hugh MacDonald, Painted Steel Location: Shoreline Pediatrics, 162 E. Main St. Hugh MacDonald is a prolific metal sculptor who…

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By Robert Recor, Stony Creek Granite Location: RWC Law Office, corner of 130 E. Main St. and College St.  Robert…

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Clinton Historical Society’s Old Brick Sculpture Garden

Location: 103 E. Main St. All stone sculptures in the garden were created by Eileen O’Donnell Eileen O’Donnell has been…

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Fibonacci Spiral

By Karl Kaufmann, Blue Stone and Granite Location: Swan Funeral Home, corner of 80 E. Main St. and Morgan Park …

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Confused Crescent

By Robert Recor, Philadelphia Granite Location: Adam Stanton House, 63 E. Main St.  Robert Recor is a former Industrial Arts…

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Hector in Conversation

By Gilbert Boro, Welded, Bolted and Painted Steal Location: The Academy Building, corner of 61 E. Main St. and Church…

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By Brian Wendler, Hammered Lead Location: Chamber of Commerce building, 50 E. Main St.  Brian Wendler is known throughout Connecticut…

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Swimming in Circles

By Eileen O’Donnell, Granite Location: Annex building, 48 E. Main St.  Eileen O’Donnell has been enjoying art for many years.…

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