Discovering Stone Sculpture: The Journey of Eileen O’Donnell

Eileen O’Donnell’s passion for sculpture and her fascination with rocks led her on a remarkable journey of discovery. As an avid collector of rocks, she admired their colors, textures, and shapes. However, when it came to sculpting figures, she found that working with clay required molds and casting, which didn’t align with her artistic vision. That all changed one day when she stumbled upon a group of stone sculptors at the Guilford Art Center, sparking her interest in this ancient art form.

Eileen’s stone-sculpting career began, and she soon created captivating sculptures that showcased her unique vision. Let’s delve into some of her remarkable works, including “The Owl,” “The Stallion,” “Bunny,” and “Dusty the Cat.”

The Owl” came to life when Eileen noticed flecks of black in the stone. Inspired by the feather-like appearance, she envisioned an owl peering out from within the stone, capturing its majestic essence.

“The Owl” by Eileen O’Donnell

In “The Stallion,” Eileen’s love for horses is intertwined with her passion for sculpting. When she discovered a piece of Stony Creek pink granite with a shape reminiscent of a horse, she skillfully set the stallion free from the stone, embodying its grace and strength.

“The Stallion” by Eileen O’Donnell

“Bunny” is a tribute to Eileen’s fondness for rabbits. Having owned several rabbits in her life, she cherished the act of petting them. Although she didn’t have a rabbit at the time, she decided to sculpt one, allowing her to relive those cherished moments through art.

“Bunny” by Eileen O’Donnell

“Dusty the Cat” pays homage to Eileen’s beloved feline companion. When she encountered a stone with distinctive stripes, she immediately envisioned it as a cat. Her own cat, Dusty, provided inspiration for the sculpture, immortalizing their connection in stone.

“Dusty the Cat” by Eileen O’

Eileen’s sculptures are not only a testament to her creativity but also a part of the larger “Sculpture Mile” exhibit presented by the Hollycroft Foundation. This 50-mile-long outdoor sculpture exhibit spans from Guilford to Stonington, CT, showcasing museum-quality sculptures in various towns along the way, including Clinton, Guilford, Madison, New London, and Stonington.

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