Unveiling Twists, Waves, and the Hollycroft Foundation’s Sculpture Shore

The Clinton Arts Council is delighted to bring attention to the captivating works of Eileen O’Donnell, a talented stone sculptor whose creations have become a part of the renowned “Sculpture Mile” exhibit. Spanning 50 miles from Guilford to Stonington, CT, this outdoor exhibition, presented by the Hollycroft Foundation, showcases museum-quality sculptures that captivate visitors along the way.

Eileen’s sculptures continue to enthrall audiences, and her exploration of stone as an artistic medium has led to the creation of exceptional pieces like “Twist,” “Wave,” and “My Gargoyle.”

Inspired by the captivating twisting, bending, and looping stone sculptures she admired, Eileen set out to create her own masterpiece. “Twist” is the result of her dedication and curiosity. This sculpture, with its intricate twists and turns, showcases Eileen’s skill in manipulating the stone to create a sense of dynamic movement and fluidity.

“Twist” by Eileen O’Donnell

“The Wave” is a magnificent stone sculpture that required minimal intervention from Eileen. With its striking contrast of black granite and white quartz, the stone itself exudes natural beauty. Eileen’s keen eye recognized the potential in this remarkable piece and allowed its inherent qualities to shine.

“The Wave” by Eileen O’Donnell

“My Gargoyle” holds a special place in Eileen’s heart as her first stone sculpture was created solely with a chisel and hammer. Crafted from brownstone sourced from Portland, CT, this piece showcases Eileen’s early exploration of the medium, marking the beginning of her stone-sculpting journey.

“My Gargoyle” by Eileen O’Donnell

As part of the “Sculpture Mile” exhibit, Eileen’s sculptures contribute to an extraordinary display of artistry, stretching along the Connecticut coastline. The Hollycroft Foundation has played a vital role in curating and presenting this collection, bringing together works from talented artists across multiple towns, including Clinton, Guilford, Madison, New London, and Stonington.

Each sculpture in the “Sculpture Mile” exhibit holds a story, and Eileen’s creations serve as a testament to her passion for stone sculpting and her ability to breathe life into seemingly inert materials.

The Clinton Arts Council invites you to experience the beauty and creativity of Eileen O’Donnell’s sculptures as part of the “Sculpture Mile” exhibit. Witness the intricate twists, the magnificent waves, and the profound artistry that captures the essence of stone sculpting and the talent of local artists.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable outdoor exhibition, where art meets nature, along the picturesque Connecticut coastline.

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