Culinary Arts

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When planning your next Clinton event, be sure to browse our variety of culinary offerings! Located along the shoreline towns, we’re known for our fresh local seafood, but any other cuisine you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered!

Excerpt from the book “Portraits of Clinton Poetry Project”

I am from Clinton Eats!

I am eating my way through town ...amazed
from Chips burgers, to Westbrook’s fish chowder,
and Coffee Breaks tomato bacon omelette.
Jules and Thorn’s oat milk foam latte I often get,
Beach Nut’s cherry glazed is my favorite!
Pica Chica’s tacos, Green Leaf’s kabobs,
Tasting China,Thai, and Sabar’s for latin
I CHOW it all down.
When I feel Scottish, I go see Dave
If really hungry Sal D’s is the rave
I’m lucky to work next store to Doc’s
Eat breakfast at the marina in my crocs
Dinner is fixed at Nataz
Cheese and wine at Chamard
Often inspire this bard
Pizza... isn’t it Grand!
We have so many to choose
Domino’s and Clinton delivers
Glenwood too, It’s
Clinton for eats who knew!
Shanks, Lobster landing and
Rocky’s Aqua for a fishy dishy
Let’s not forget the pies at Griffin
If you are what you eat
Then I’m a big FAT Clinton!
Sometimes a poet needs
To not take their work so seriously
Perhaps write just for fun
and not to impress anyone
Opening the door to a restaurant of ideas
Writing poetry that doesn’t need
an English degree to understand
To wet your appetite to write
You too can write a poem, it is the current Rage!
Then post it on the Clinton Poet Laureate FaceBook page

You can write a poem
while waiting for takeout
Or, your order to arrive
No need to be a laureate
You only need to strive!

~~ Cathy Weiss, Town of Clinton Poet Laureate