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By Robert Recor, Stony Creek Granite

Location: RWC Law Office, corner of 130 E. Main St. and College St. 

Robert Recor is a former Industrial Arts teacher and has had many different art interests over the years. Mr. Recor came upon stone sculpting after taking a class at the Guilford Art Center with renown stone sculptor, Darrell Petit. He became fascinated with the whole process of forming and shaping stone. He is intrigued by the difficulty of removing material that is so resistant to the tools used and the fact that when something is created in stone it is somewhat permanent and has an everlasting quality. Mr. Recor was also inspired with what he has seen in traveling throughout the United States and the world. His works tend to be abstract, working with incredibly beautiful local stone and can be viewed at his home work shop in Clinton, CT. Mr. Recor can be contacted at www.recorsculpture.com.

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